7 Dec 2012


Well, I wrapped up my juice cleanse. It was a total success + I feel proud of myself, per usual. I have much more energy. I am sleeping like a baby. My mind/head is clear as can be. The clarity is the biggest shift I notice. And I am not irritable & stressed feeling anymore. Simply super happy and impressed by my productivity!

When I do a cleanse, every one of my cravings disappears. This is FOR SURE one of my favorite parts of doing a cleanse. And it is a good time to get back on track, and be more mindful about what I put in my body.

With VIDYA CLEANSE, Claire balances your dosha. And that is a good description for my present state, I feel super balanced.

I like to do cleanses every six months. And VIDYA CLEANSE is for sure the route I will be taking, especially while here in Oklahoma! Claire is a total gem! She knows how to get you right again, and set you up for success. I think I adopt 2-3 healthier choices each time I do a cleanse, those things become ways + faves of life.

Things in the Hussy household are running quite smoothly. I hate to admit it, but when mama’s doing well, the whole ship is sailing smoothly. The pressure is on.  I have to stay on point, feeling good. I want to feel guilty for having that huge of an impact on my family unit, but then I think, “It’s because I give so much to this family. And that is something that makes me proud. I am honored to serve these people and be doing life with these dudes. I have to keep taking care of myself, so that I can give so much.”

Cheers to you, Claire, for helping people make their lives better! Thank you for guiding me through my juice cleanse. It is worth it, every time!


  • By kara hernandez on December 7, 2012 3:54 PM

    Great job Greer!! Always love your beautiful pics and stories!!! I have three wonderful kiddos And three wonderful step kiddos that I am caring for as well, I can attest to the fact that YES, when momma is feeling happy and refreshed, The whole family feels the same way!!! Watching you gives me strength and inspiration as well! Have an awesomely healthy and refreshed day! 😉

  • By Mama Hussy on December 7, 2012 4:00 PM

    Kara, so good to hear from you. Rock on mama!!!

  • Mama Hussy! I just discovered all of your sweet little cleanse posts! You wrote this last one on my birthday, what a perfect gift! Thank you xoxo

    PS- Super proud of you :)

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