22 Nov 2013


We are having the sweetest time getting to know Wolfey. [btw, he's been going by Wolfey a lot, lately. I can't figure out if it's because Leo seems less unique now that I have a friend with a babe days apart from Leo Wolfe that is also named Leo, or if he's really a Wolfey. I still love the name Leo so very much too though. We'll just have to see what sticks.] We’ve been traveling with Wolfey a lot lately. I took him to California with me [minus Lennon] when I shot a wedding in Santa Monica, earlier this month. We took him [plus Lennon] to a shoot I did at Lake Eufaula, last weekend. And he’s been a total champ during his travels, just like his big brother. I have the mentality, just keep traveling with the babe(s) + they will continue to be good travelers. Until that is disproved, I will stick with that practice.
photo (30)photo 1I am starting to feel stretched a little thin. And experiencing working-mom guilt for the first time. I have always loved my work, but I am especially enjoying it lately. My photography + I are so in sync. Exactly what I envision is coming out in every final product I create. It just feels so good + fulfilling.
photo 2But my kiddos need their mama. A mama’s love + attention is imperative in the development of kiddos, especially in their first few years. Hussy had to work a conference his work put on a few months ago, and Jamie Lee Curtis spoke at it. She said her only regret in life, was not spending more time with her kids when they were young. That hasn’t left my mind since Papa told me. So, I am going to cut back on work a little through winter break. I feel so weird + uncomfortable typing this out. But it is what it is. I love my work. It takes little effort for me to stay motivated + lately I’ve been in an exciting love affair with it. But I will never in my life get this time back with my babes. They will be out of my home before I know it, and I know I will regret not spending more time with them.
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  • Oh Wolfey, such a heartbreaker like his brother. It might feel hard to cut back from work since you love it but I’m sure you are making the right decisions. Lots of love from Finland <3

    • So good to hear from you, Sini. Your words are always so sweet + make my week happier!

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