1 Apr 2014

WEIGHT LOSS + SAVINGS {because of my 2014 resolutions}

Today marks three months without gluten + three months without Starbucks.
I’ve known for a while now that I feel best without gluten in my diet, it has just been a long + slow process to fully eliminate it. It’s been a lot easier than I thought it’d be. Mainly because of the way I feel; I don’t feel that evening bloating like I had gotten used to + I don’t get that heavy feeling every time I eat + the pounds are easier to trim. While I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I even had this much to lose, I am still pretty proud of the 25+ pounds I’ve lost since December 31. [I actually still have 10 left to lose.]

MAMA HUSSY glutenI have kept this New Year’s Resolution more private. Maybe because I didn’t know if I could actually stick to it. I have though! NO STARBUCKS! Starbucks had become the only soy I was consuming, and I didn’t want it in my diet anymore. I think I was kinda addicted to the sugar [yes the sugar, even over the caffeine], and since sugar is so bad for the immune system, I knew I needed to kick The Bucks. So, I also attribute my weightloss to no more Starbucks [sugar!!] too! Plus, they are $5+ a pop and my checking account has benefited tremendously without that [almost] daily cost. 
MAMA HUSSY starbucks


  • Bravo for taking these goals so seriously! From where you lost 25 pounds and will lose 10 more? I haven’t seen you really but in the pictures you are so good looking. I have been proud of losing 23pounds since last year. And all because of going gluten free and taking better care of myself. I drink a lot of coffee but it’s a pleasure to drink it at home at mornings and I rarely go to a coffee shop as it’s pretty expencive here too. I prefer to save up for nice trip 😉

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