24 Apr 2014


GREER INEZ-6319-3One of my girlfriends, Amy, leads this amazing nomadic life with her man + her little girl. It truly is the most magical love story I’ve ever witnessed. She is such a brave mama, constantly inspiring me to be more brave. She + I try to hook up in Laguna as often as possible [between their long treks to New Zealand, Hawaii, Iceland], but it’s been a while. Amy puts together a beautiful [women’s] gathering each year + I only assume I will try to go every year. This is my first year to attend. Leo + I are heading to the Sprit Weavers Gathering, next month. Lennon + Naia are such a hoot to watch together, so I’m sad they won’t get to see each other.
GREER INEZ-6362-2 GREER INEZ-6324-2We will be camping + sleeping under the stars in the Joshua Tree desert with some of the most amazing women on this planet. I am squealing with excitement to be getting this opportunity. Some of these women are long-time friends of mine, some we have fallen in love through mutual friends via social media, and many I will be meeting for the first time. I have no doubt that this will be a very intense experience. For me, these are all the things that bring growth + healing + restoration all wrapped up into one experience: nature + organic, nutritious food + camaraderie with women + travel + yoga + meditation + new things + taking breaks from technology + being uncomfortable. It’s inevitable for me to leave a changed woman.
I do have a few fears that almost kept me from going. But if our dreams don’t scare us a bit, then they aren’t quite big enough, right?!? The only time I’ve experienced regret in my life, is when I don’t do something. I can’t say I have any regrets with things I’ve done. Because I have definitely learned from those experiences + they’ve added richness to my life. I have to relentlessly chase the stories I want to be telling when I’m old or my regrets will haunt me. And there’s that chance that I may not even make it to when I’m old, so I try to live each day to the fullest.
And per usual, I had to push the envelope a bit + post this awesome pic below. Papa snapped this last weekend of our lovelfest that was inspired by the infamous photo taken of Amy breastfeeding Naia. Of course, that story inspired my hippie bones. Breastfeeding is something I am very passionate about + I will continue to fight for it to be normalized.
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  • Love seeing this photo sis. You are such a Queen! Cannot wait to hug you oh so soon! The desert awaits your arrival. Its going to be amazing. love you. xx

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