5 Signs the Text Conversation Is Over

or…when to say when, Stalkerface.

I text. A lot. I apologize to the purists who believe you can’t build relationships texting and require actual phone calls, but seriously I don’t have time to be yapping on the phone with people. You can tell me what you need to tell me in less than 2 seconds via text message plus I can hold a conversation with you while I scream at my kid and cook dinner at the same time. I can also laugh at you without you knowing. I cannot think of a better way to build relationships.

There is occasionally a problem with figuring out when you’re supposed to stop texting. I am one that just fades away. At some point I feel like you said what you needed, or I said what I needed and somewhere although by nothing formal, the conversation was concluded. I personally do not believe you have to say goodbye in text messages.

Maybe that’s just me because once in a while I get a text that says “are you mad? You haven’t replied” sometimes even days later when I can’t remember if I was ever mad anyway. And then I sit thinking. Whut? I thought we were done talking.  It is difficult to explain to someone that you thought they were done talking without sounding bitchy. “What else were you going to say” also doesn’t work well.

5 Signs the Text Conversation is Over

1.  Someone Replies With K, Okay, ttyl, Sounds Good or Sweeeeet. And also 🙂

If either you or I reply with any of these words (or letters) I will assume the conversation is done. There is no way you can reply to “K” anyway without looking like an idiot. Same goes for Okay, TTYL, Sounds good and sweet and also smiley. I mean, are you really going to reply to K with K? You’re just wasting characters and not contributing anything meaningful to the conversation anyway. I believe that 🙂 means you’re done texting and you are also smiling.

2.  I’m Going to Sleep

You can reply if you want to with “goodnight” or “sleep well” but most of the time when someone texts I’m going to sleep the convo is done. If I’m really tired I don’t reply because face it, you’re looking at 4 more text messages at the least. I also don’t want to take the chance on being distracted and texting for another hour and having to go through the goodnight process again.


I’m going to sleep.

Okay, goodnight.


Ttyl sleep well.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you I saw Frank this weekend…

Solution:  Fack. Just go to sleep.

3.  The Question Was Answered or Resolved

Can you come to the party Saturday?



Can you come to the party Saturday?


No reply after that is necessary unless you have further questions. That’s the beauty of texting. We can actually answer a question and move on.

4.  Hahahahahaha

How the hell are you going to reply to hahahahah? You can’t. Although I have replied to Hahahaha with ahahahah just to be stupid. But really, just call it a night.

5.  No reply or You Hear Crickets

If they haven’t replied to the last two texts, either they are busy, sleeping, or ignoring you. Do not keep texting unless you want to look like a crazy stalker chick/dude. I’ve been around a while and trust me when I say it is extremely unlikely that the phones are down and this person is not receiving your texts. However, if you still believe this is a possibility then call and ask. You will probably go to voicemail because there is a reason they are not replying, but at least you’ll know their phone isn’t broken. There is no reason to send multiple texts asking why they are not texting you back.

What have I missed? How do you end your text conversations?

And also text me if you need to practice this.

F is for Friday. And shut up, no I haven’t quit A to Z yet.

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