Coping With Anxiety {Naturally}

I’ve been talking more about my anxiety on here, lately. The honesty is part of my commitment to keeping this space [Mama Hussy blog] for myself, and not letting the readership influence how or what I choose to write.
While I understand it’s the best option for some people, I’m not one to take pharmaceutical drugs. Diet + exercise + sleep can make drastic changes in my emotional/mental/physical health! With being pregnant, I [naturally] neglected some of the things I know I need on the daily.

So, I decided to make some changes/commitments in my life since my meltdown a month ago, and see how it affects my anxiety. Some of my changes have been: removing gluten from my diet + eating more greens + keeping a daily yoga/meditation practice + no herb + exercising at least 30 minutes every day + more tea dates with my tribe + something new with my business.

I have removed gluten from my diet a few times, it’s how I prepare for a juice cleanse. I know I feel good when I don’t eat gluten, but it is a hard commitment to make every single day. I typically just eat little gluten, but I knew it was time to remove it completely. This is more time-consuming, but I know I will get better at it each day. I joined a month-long whole foods cleanse with Heather at Wholly Balanced to learn how to eat this way with a bit of support. I’ve loved the group + am getting so many ideas!

I’ve taken it up a notch on the greens. I eat at least 1 green smoothie + 2-3 green juices every day. I make most of them myself, but I also buy juices + smoothies from juice bars when it’s convenient. Since I decided to do NO-STARBUCKS, I have excused myself to buy as many green juices + smoothies from juice bars as I damn well please. More greens are always a sure shot for feeling my best!

Yoga is blowing my mind like never before. I experienced a gross wipe-out to my body with my recent pregnancy + cesarian. I’ve been devastated by it since I’m one that loves being naked + loves a good 3-hour if the opportunity presents itself. But I knew I needed to be patient while I healed from the surgery [this one hurt much worse!] It’s like my body told me it was finished resting + healing + to get back at it again, and it is so wild to see how quickly my body is regaining it’s strength. I have two privates a week [which is where my practice is growing most] + fit in a few classes when I find time + I’m more committed to my home-practice. It feels SOOOOOO good to be back with my yoga community. Mama’s gettin’ her groove back!

No more herb. This has been a tough one for me! Like some enjoy a glass of wine in the evening, I love to wind down with a bit of herb occasionally! It’s typically the perfect remedy for my anxiety. But without it, my mind has been more clear. I’m loving the clarity, so I’m sticking to it!

I’ve been exercising every day. I’ve had to get creative on this one. Like park as far away from the door when I go to the grocery store. Or pop out for a speed-bike ride with my neighbor while we discuss education in Oklahoma City. Saturday, I had a shoot at the OU football stadium + OU track, so I ran stadium steps before + after my shoot.

I’ve made time for a tea/lunch date with my peeps once or twice a week. Camaraderie nourishes me! No doubt. Since getting creative is always good at getting rid of my anxiety, I decided to officially add film to my photo sessions. I’ve been a huge addict of polaroids over a decade now. There is just something so thrilling to hold a print in my hand immediately after taking the photograph. And I think my clientele will be the type that appreciates this addition to a photo session experience with me. So, I dug out my very first film camera [a Nikon FM2] + have been blazing through rolls. I am also adding polaroids to my shoots. This has been so exciting for me. SUPER FULFILLING!

I am feeling freaking amazing!!- which makes these things easy to stick to! Yesterday, I had a rough day + I just pushed through it with some positive self-talk + stuck to my commitments, while looking forward to a better day. And today, I feel great again! Once these things have become subconscious habits again,  I will be adding in some more happy-invoking habits + projects- like learning how to bake gluten free + [finally] mapping out our backyard garden + training for my next 10k [which will probably be the Bolder Boulder in May, one of my family’s favorite annual traditions! Dad always wins, but we all have a blast dying in the altitude + relishing in the beautiful Boulder for the weekend.].

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