What Happened When I Stepped Outside of My Comfort Zone

I spent the past month taking new classes at various fitness studios in Charlottesville. Normally, I exercise at the gym and yoga studio that I work at. Occasionally, I’ll go for a (short) run outside. And…that’s about it, folks! My routine is just that: a routine, and I was ready to shake things up. I signed up for, on average, one new class a week, and tried various formats: yoga, spin, and boot camp. Although I was nervous at first (being in a studio for the first time, etc.), it was actually super fun to be in a different environment! It was refreshing to try something new, and to not think about what exercises I was going to do. Someone else was doing the programming ;-).

My Experiences With Pivot

Think of Pivot as the hub for discovering and signing up for fitness classes at local studios. With a Pivot membership, I have access to hundreds of different classes in Charlottesville. Whether it’s yoga, boot camp, barre, Pilates, or spin, I can step out of my fitness comfort zone and challenge my body in different ways! I love the flexibility that they offer – I can use Pivot AND continue to do what I do normally (workout at my gym and yoga studio).

I was also provided with great quality acupressure mats from UK.  I am not sure whether they work or not, but various studies say acupressure mats have some benefits in at least reducing chronic pain.

But anyways, my initial goal for this campaign was to get past a plateau of doing the same thing, week in and week out. Sure, I switch up my strength training exercises, but I could have been changing things up more often in order to avoid overuse injury and continue gaining strength.

Likes and Dislikes of the Pivot Pass Platform

The only hiccup that I ran into was with a class at EDGE that was cancelled by the instructor. I wasn’t notified, and ended up driving to the studio to find out in person that the class was cancelled. Having an e-mail notification in the future would be ideal, to save driving time.

Within the first month, it was clear to see how simple Pivot is to use! After creating a username and password, I now had easy access to all studios that are partnered with Pivot. I could sign up for classes as soon as they were available, and as early or as late as I want (as long as there are still spots open). Sign-ups can be done on both my iPhone and my desktop, and all it took was a click on the “Book” button. Then, an automated e-mail was sent to me, reminding me of the class, studio, time, and information about cancelling, should I need to. I added classes to my Gmail calendar, and boom! Ready to go.

What Happened When I Stepped Outside of My Comfort Zone

So, what happened to my fitness when I stepped outside of my comfort zone?! My personal goal was to avoid plateau, and Pivot DEFINITELY helped me do that. My favorite studio class  was the boot camp at Solidarity Boot Camp. When I strength train on my own, I don’t typically follow a program. I think of the exercises myself, kind of like personal-personal training, haha.

Showing up for 6:45AM Boot Camp with Brig required nothing but a bottle of water and an attitude of readiness (or, ready-as-I’ll-ever-be). I didn’t have to plan a program, and could just follow along, get out of my head, and into the workout. The class was great – we started out with corrective exercises and a warm up, followed by timed strength and cardio circuits.

Let me just tell ya, I was sore for a couple of days after taking the boot camp class, and it was AWESOME! It’s incredibly rare for me to add jump rope or wall balls into my training, essentially because they’re out of my comfort zone, and having someone tell me to do them was a great way for me to ACTUALLY do the exercises. #accountability

Although there was a little nervousness around showing up for a class by myself, I now feel more comfortable taking classes at various studios. This next month, I plan on taking advantage of the ability to invite a friend via Pivot!

Within the first 30 days of this campaign, I feel like I’ve reached my goal of avoiding and getting past a workout plateau. Since I met the goal, I’m going to progress myself and say that I want to increase my muscular strength through cross-training with Pivot. I’ll measure that on a more qualitative level, rather than using a fitness test: ideally, I’d be less sore after taking classes (e.g. boot camp) more regularly.

Overall Thoughts

Using Pivot Pass to try new studio classes has been incredibly beneficial for getting out of my comfort zone. I was able to avoiding hitting workout plateaus, and have even created a new goal for myself: to improve my muscular strength and endurance! The ease of signing up for classes is a huge plus, and I appreciate the emphasis on flexibility with a routine: I can keep doing what I’m doing already, but add in Pivot classes to reach my goals.

Stay tuned next month as I update you on how Pivot helps me reach my new strength/cross-training goals, as well as how you can reach YOUR goals with Pivot!

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